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Posted by Around The Girl on Tuesday, 14 August 2018

It all happened so fast. He was there and then gone. My boyfriend didn’t seem to get that I was paranoid. Scared that soon he wouldn’t keep watching and act.

“I saw him again yesterday” I looked to Shaw staring down at his phone.

“Carper I told you many times before it might have been a coincidence” he looked at me completely bored.

“I don’t think so. ” I pause. “He stares at me every time, it creeps me out”.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself babe. You’ll be alright I promise” He kissed me on the forehead leaving the room.

Was I really just imagining it and getting scared for no reason? It must be nothing.

“Okay I’m leaving! See you tonight! I yelled to Shawn in the other room.

“Oh don’t wait up for me tonight I have to stay late at the office”, He poke his head around the corner.

“Okay then” my voice sounding less disappointed than I was.

I walked out the door being smashed with the warm air to my face. Man it felt good out here. I walked down the quiet streets to my little work place. The only thing I could hear was my heels clicking on the floor. Until a trash can fell on the other side of the street. I stopped to see if someone was there.

And it was him! the guy with the hoody again just staring in my direction. I knew for sure he was looking at me this time because no one is out on a Sunday. I turned the corner to where my work was making my pace fast.

The clicking in my heels rang in my head making my hands shake. Footsteps. They were behind me and I knew it couldn’t be mine for they slammed hard against the floor.

Was he angry or in a hurry. Either way I took a second to take my hells off running in the other direction to the building. I was so close to the door getting closer finally I grabbed the handle…


She was right where he said she’d be on the corner by her work. I watched her strut her way down the street heels clicking on the way. Seeing her in a short drench coat made me want to snatch her up and hurt her in a way she’d beg for more.

She was after all “Mine”

I hit a trash can while trying to see her face. Making her look in my direction. Of course she couldn’t see my face. But her face mad scared and i liked that. She turned the corner making her pace fast.

I couldn’t let her get away again. I payed money to take her away without having people search for her. She was going to be mine today.

She ripped her heals off and ran and man she was a fast runner, even with the heels. She was getting closer to the building and as she grabbed the handle of the door I slipped into a different ally way knowing I couldn’t get to her now.

As she closed the door behind her panting out of breath I growled. Again she slid out of my grasp. And that pissed me off.

I didn’t mean to always get so angry with things but I didn’t like when life didn’t go my way. She was messing up the plan I had bringing me to the next conclusion: Stealing

Her shift was only a few hours as Shawn told him earlier today. So he waited across the street in the shadows. She cam out only minutes later holding coffee and her hells back on. That seemed like a good sign. She cornered int o an alleyway and quickly he moved after her. The darkness made his presence unkown. Again for the second time hells clicking like rhythm in his head. he made his move.

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